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My name is Klaudia Kis. I live in a small town in Hungary, Europe. I am 32 years old. I raise and breed Ringneck doves in a variety of colors and feather types.




I love birds, especially doves. I was 10 years old when I saw my first Ringneck dove at my grandparents place.  It was a Blond (Pastel) male.


I become interested in the Ringneck doves approximately 20 years ago and I have kept and breed these doves since that time. For many years, I breed the Ringneck doves only in four colors (White, Blond, Orange and Orange Pearled), because only these colors were around my town.


During the last years, I had opportunity to obtain and successfully breed Ringneck doves in a large variety of colors and feather types.  I have a long list of the European mutations and color combinations too, like Gray, Color Head, Marked Pied, White Black-collared, Lavender and Gray Pied.


I have altogether more than 20 color variations, and the silky, tufted and crested feather types. I am interested in genetics of Ringnecks, therefore, I try to improve my genetic knowledge by studying the literature of Ringneck genetics and I also do my own little research in my aviary. I keep very precise records of the breeding results to better understand the inheritance of colors and the interactions of the mutations. To distribute my knowledge and popularize the Ringneck doves, I write articles in Hungarian avicultural magazines. I like to take photos of my doves. You can see my photos in the Photo Gallery.


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