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Ringneck dove mutations from Europe


It is also a problem that the new color mutations did not have Hungarian names. When I first translated information about the color mutations, I used the names of the mutations and color variations used in the United States (by the ADA) and translated these names to Hungarian. But in Europe, countries different names are used for the same colors. For example: Blond=Pastel, White=Creme Ino, Tangerine=Phaeo, Ivory=White Headed. I like the American names (Tangerine, Orange, Apricot), but to prevent confusions I prefer to use both the American and European terms.


Single mutant:

dB - Pastel = Blond

dw - Créme-ino = White


al - Albino

alCh - Color head (himalaya) color head   


ry - Isabel = Rosy

iv - White headed = Ivory

ivP - Pale headed = Pink eyed dilute

ivbc - Ivoor = White black collared white black collared  


pi - Pied

pim - Marked pied  marked pied 

piwt - White tail  white tail





gr - Gray  gray


Ta - Phaeo = Tangerine

Fr - Frosty


G - Grizzled 


I also make drawings of phenotypes of all known mutations and color combinations. With this work, I try to facilitate the generation of a genotype/phenotyp calculator.


 Click here for more information (photos etc.) about European mutations


Color head

color head

Pale headed

Marked pied

marked pied




White black collared

white black collared

White tail

white tail




 My pics about European mutations



I also make drawings of phenotypes of all known mutations and color combinations. With this work, I try to facilitate the generation of a genotype/phenotyp calculator.


 Color head (Himalaya) mutation


Color Head mutation (It is also called Himalaya mutation in France): The pigmentation depends on the temperature during moulting. When the feathers are grown in winter, the plumage is darker compared to the feather of birds that moult during summer. The phenotype of the Color Head, which grows its feathers in the warm period: the body of this dove is near white, with a minimal cream tint. The head is light gray with a minimal violet/mauve coloration, and the neckring is brownish gray. The dove which moult in the cold period looks different: the body is cream colored, the head is gray with a violet/mauve coloration, the neckring is dark blackish brown. There are dark feathers (dark spots) on the wing coverts and rump. The breast also has a minimal pink shade. *

The primaries are creamy white. The undertail bar is cream colored. The eyes are orange, the bill is dark gray, the legs are purple red with dark nails.

The genetic symbol is: alCh . The inheritance of Color Head is autosomal recessive, allelic with Albino, and dominates over it. *

Color Head can be combined with other mutations. Combination with Gray results a bird with a near white body, and a light gray head with a black neckring. Combination with Tangerine causes orange head with gray or white neckring (it depends wether the Ta gene is heterozygous or homozygous). Color Head in White background is indistinguishable from albino.


­*(Sources: Hein van Grouw: De lachduif, 2008)


color head

Color head Ringneck dove picture - Klaudia Kis ©

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Gray mutation


Gray mutation: The color of the Gray ringneck is bluish gray. The mutation blocks the production of phaeomelanin in the feathers, but has no effect on the synthesis of the eumelanin. The head and breast are light gray without a violet/mauve coloration. The primaries are dark gray, with a white tip, and the wing coverts are bluish gray. The back, rump and tail coverts are bluish gray, the belly is very light gray. The neck ring is black, white edge. The under tail bar is black. The eye color is dark red, the bill is dark gray/blackish gray, the legs are purple red with dark nails.

The genetic symbol is: gr. The inheritance of Gray is autosomal recessive. Perhaps Gray and Frosty are allelic, but this is not yet proven. *

The combination of gray with other mutations is possible. Gray on Blond background is a very light colored, diluted, pale gray bird. Combination with Tangerine results in the Lavender ringneck. Gray Pieds have white body with more or less bluish gray spots on them, especially on wing coverts and rump. The neckring is black, incomplet or absent. The primaries are black or white colored.

Hein van Grouw said in his book, that there is a suspicion that gray first originated in the Turkish Turtle Dove (Streptopelia decaocto) and the mutation was transferred to ringneck doves with interspecies crossing. *


*­(Sources: Hein van Grouw: De lachduif, 2008)





Gray Ringneck dove picture - Klaudia Kis ©



Pale headed (Pink-eyed dilute) mutation


Pink-eyed dilute (ivP//ivP) (known as Pale-head): European mutation, originated in Netherlands (1998). Allelic with Ivory and dominates over it.
Inheritance: autosomal recessive, genetic symbol: ivP

There is no precise description about this mutation. A similar mutation is known in the domestic pigeon (Columba livia) under the name Pink-eyed dilute.

Pink-eyed dilute resembles the Dark Ivory, but on the head and chest areas the decrease of the phaeomelanin less. On these parts there are more pinkish coloration instead of white. The neckring is „bleached” to gray. The eye color is pink, the iris is mottled.

pink eyed dilute


Pale head Ringneck dove picture - Klaudia Kis ©


White black collared (Ivoor) mutation


White black-collared (iv bc// iv bc) (known as Ivory, Ivoor in Europe)

European mutation, originated in Italy, unknown in the USA. Allelic with Ivory, and Ivory dominates over it.
Inheritance: autosomal recessive , Genetic symbol: ivbc

White Black-collared resembles Ivory on a Blond background, but it concerns a separate mutation with some remarkable differences. (see more information later)

The name „White black-collared” is a bit confusing, because the color of the plumage is a bit more cream than true white. (The wing shield, back and dorsal tail coverts appears to have a dilution effect similar to White.)
The primaries, secondaries and primary coverts have more color than in White ringnecks. They are light brownish with no tiny stippling effect of dilute pigment in the middle of the feathers.
The plumage of the head and breast is (almost) white.
The color of the neck ring is slightly diluted and darker than in Ivory but NOT BLACK (almost black). The tail band or pigmented area of the main tail feathers is also heavily pigmented and similar to Blond.
The eye color, this is the same as Ivory (pink, mottled iris). The bill is light colored.

In appearance White black-collared on Blond background looks (almost) completely the same as without Blond background. (barely distinguishable from each other.)

White black collared VS. Blond Ivory

They are indeed quite similar. The neck ring in Blond Ivory more greyish, in WBC the neck ring is almost deep black, and the tail pattern is black. In Ivory the tail pattern is bleached in the middle while in White Black-collared the tail pattern is almost unaffected.
Unfortunately Ivory and White Black-collared are often crossed together and it is difficult to find correct coloured birds nowadays. ( Hein van Grouw)

NAMES Amerika vs. Europe

Dark Ivory (iv) = White Head
Pink-eyed dilute (iv P) = Pale head
White black collared (iv bc) = Ivory

white black collared


White black collared Ringneck dove picture - Klaudia Kis ©



Marked pied mutation


Marked Pied (pim// pim): European mutation, allelic with Pied

Marked Pied differs from normal Pied because in Marked Pied the pattern of colored & white feathers is always the same. This mutation is not yet in the US and rare in Europe. Originated in Holland.
Inheritance: autosomal recessive, genetic symbol: pim - normal Pied dominates over Marked Pied

General head, breast, belly and undertail coverts of a Marked Pied adult are white with hardly any colored feathers.
Tail, rump, back, neck ring and wings are completely pigmented with the exception of some white feathers on the wing shield. Some deviation in this pattern is possible but the white wing mark is always present.
The increase of phaeomelanin in the pigmented feathers is also present in Marked Pied but the juvenile plumage is quite normal with hardly any grizzling effect and without the white pattern.

The pattern of the Marked Pied may be controlled by one mutant gene but the perfect pattern is the result of this gene in combination with some modifying genes. Interaction of Marked Pied and other colors is possible. For example Rosy Marked Pied, Blond Marked Pied and Peach Marked Pied.

There is another allele of Pied, called White Tailed Pied.






marked pied


Marked pied Ringneck dove picture - Klaudia Kis ©



White tailed Pied mutation


White Tailed Pied (pi wt// pi wt): European mutation, allelic with Pied

Inheritance: autosomal recessive, genetic symbol: piwt - normal Pied dominates over White Tailed Pied

Looks like Marked Pied, but the white feathers on the wing shields are missing, and the tail feathers are almost completely white.

white tail

White tailed Pied Ringneck dove picture - Klaudia Kis ©


Under constructions ....



Californian mutation

soon ...

Grizzle mutation

soon ...




Combination colors:


gr Gray (D+ gr//gr)
dB Light gray (dB// gr//gr)
dw  (dw// gr//gr)
Ta Lavender (Ta//+ gr//gr)
Fr ?
pi Gray pied (pi//pi gr//gr)
ry (ry//ry gr//gr)
iv (iv//iv gr//gr)
alCh Gray head (alCh//alCh gr//gr)


alCh       Color head (D+ alCh//alCh)
Ta Tangerine head (Ta//+ alCh//alCh or Ta//Ta alCh//alCh)
gr Gray head (alCh//alCh gr//gr)


pim marked pied pim//pim
dB Marked bond pied (dB// pim//pim)
dw Bull eyed white (dw// pim//pim)
Ta Marked tangerine pied (Ta//+ pim//pim )
Fr Ice
gr Marked gray pied (gr//gr pim//pim )
ry Marked rosy pied (ry//ry pim//pim )
iv Marked ivory pied (iv//iv pim//pim )




... under constructions



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